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Zumba Fitness has provided not only physical health benefits to the youth and families of Evolution Expressions, but also mental energy, self-confidence, and an overall boost in physical and emotional well- being. Our instructor guides our students through high energy dance routines that demonstrates agility, coordination, rhythm, and confidence. Zumba students are encouraged to be free with their movements, let loose and feel the music.


We are bringing you a fun-filled summer fitness and activity program! Our goal is to empower children to engage in more physical activity and learn about the benefits of fitness. Children participating in this program will learn and grow both physically and emotionally. Summer Fit Club allows children to become involved in their community while participating in healthy social interactions with their peers and counselors. All events will be held at various indoor and outdoor locations across Blair County! Light refreshments and snacks are offered to all participants that attend.


This group is for children up to 18 years of age, who may have experienced trauma. We offer a safe and supportive environment for children to be creative and artistically expressive in a variety of modalities. The arts are a highly effective way for individuals to express their feelings without necessarily being verbal about them.


Group music provides mental and physical health benefits to the youth of Evolution Expressions. Playing music allows for emotional expression, managing feelings, and becoming involved in an enriching activity. In working with adolescents who have experienced trauma, music has been shown to help with creating positive relationships, building self-esteem, and providing a nonverbal mode of expression.


ALLIES is a group for LGBTQI youth and families exist to create a sense of community, empowerment, and support. The groups are structured to achieve both a feeling of " safe space" with total respect for privacy and confidentiality. ALLIES is available to all local LGBTQI youth and their families. Bi-weekly meetings will include fun activities, informational discussions, and opportunities for safe, healthy socialization.

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In this group, our team works with mother's who may have experience trauma, through artistic expression in a variety of outlets. Through this, we can provide the mothers we work with the opportunity to gain positive coping and life skills, create a support system of like-minded women, build confidence, de-stress, connect with individuals who have similar life experiences and participate in trauma- focused arts for healing crafts and activities. We also provide the opportunity cook and share a meal together, which can be recreated with their families at home. Mom's club is a place where women can feel empowered, supported, heard and be free to express their needs and concerns.


If your child has experienced any traumatic event(s), cognitive behavioral therapy and social learning theory principles can assist with: decreasing PTSD symptoms, managing negative trauma-related emotions, academic difficulties, interpersonal trust, social competencies, behavioral problems, family conflicts, recognizing and responding to abusive situations, as well as handling anxiety and depression.

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